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ISBN 1-948697-01-7
ISBN 13 978-1-948697-01-9
Price $18.95
Size 4.75
Format Paperback
Category Local New York History

Colonial Days in Old New York: Before, During and After the American Revolution

"Her many books of Colonial Life, customs, manners, dress...are recognized as the best, most accurate and the fullest descriptions of (the) life of our forefathers." - The New York Times Book Review

Colonial Days in Old New York is a treasure trove of facts about the life and times of the American colonists and the birth of our nation. 

Renowned historian and bestselling author Alice Morse Earle provides a vivid portrait of the daily lives of America's early settlers.  From childhood to old age, from courtship and weddings to crime and punishment, from what they ate and drank to sports and entertainment, you'll discover what life was really like in America's colonial era.  With a mix of anecdotes and intimate details, Earle brings America's bygone days to life. 

"Her work remains a valuable contribution to American History." - Anna J. Clutterback-Cook, from Women in American History

"Information has been hunted down with admirable persistency and linked together so that the result is as entertaining as any novel." - Boston Herald

"The historical writing of Alice Morse Earle still resonates in the minds and hearts of her readers.  - Susan Reynolds Williams, author of Alice Morse Earle and the Domestic History of Early America

"The most popular, productive and influential interpreter of the 'old times' times...a prolific custodian of regional identity.  - Historian Joseph Conforti, author of Lizzie Borden on Trial: Murder, Ethnicity, and Gender

About the Author

Alice Morse Earle (1851-1911) was an American historian and bestselling author born in Worcester, Massachusetts.  When she was 23, she married and moved to New York.  She began to write shortly before she turned forty. 

She spent all of her adult life in Brooklyn Heights, New York with her husband and four children, where she enjoyed tending her garden.

Earle is an acclaimed historian of America's Colonial era.  Unlike many historians of the time, Earle wrote about small sociological details rather than grand events, providing valuable insights into America's Colonial era.  In the past many scholars dismissed her work, often because she was a woman, and her books focused on the details of everyday life.  Since then she has earned her place as a one of the primary sources of America's early social history.